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Bulbasaur, a dual-type Grass/Poison Pokemon, made its debut in 1996 with the release of the Red and Blue games. As one of the original starter Pokemon, Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur and later into the powerful Venusaur. Known for its balanced set of offensive and defensive capabilities, Bulbasaur quickly became a favourite among trainers. With its charming appearance and ability to thrive in various battles, Bulbasaur has left an enduring mark on the Pokemon world, embodying the spirit of a loyal and dependable companion.

These are my views at the time of writing this article.  Over time the value of cards will change of course but I think these specific Pokemon cards will withstand that test.

Top Bulbasaur Cards to look out for

1. Bulbasaur (Scarlet & Violet 151):
– Card Number: #166

Bulbasaur #166

2. Bulbasaur (Base Set 1st Edition):
– Card Number: #44
– An iconic first edition card from the original set, highly sought after.

Bulbasaur [1st Edition] #44

3. Bulbasaur (Base Set):
– Card Number: #44
– An iconic card from the original base set

Bulbasaur #44

4. Bulbasaur [Stamped](Scarlet & Violet 151):
– Card Number: #1

Bulbasaur [Stamped] #1

4. Bulbasaur [Shadowless] (Base Set):
– Card Number: #44
– An iconic shadowless version of the card from the original base set

Bulbasaur [Shadowless] #44


4. Bulbasaur [Reverse Holo] (Legendary Collection):
– Card Number: #68

Bulbasaur [Reverse Holo] #68


5. Bulbasaur (Legendary Collection):
– Card Number: #68

Bulbasaur #68 Pokemon Legendary Collection


6. Bulbasaur Japanese 2002 McDonald’s:
– Card Number: #1

Bulbasaur #1 Pokemon Japanese 2002 McDonald's


7. Bulbasaur [Series 1] Japanese Vending:
– Card Number: #1

Bulbasaur [Series 1] #1 Pokemon Japanese Vending


8. Bulbasaur [Reverse Holo] Fire Red & Leaf Green:
– Card Number: #54

Bulbasaur [Reverse Holo] #54 Pokemon Fire Red & Leaf Green

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